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we are all sinners, with eyes like diamonds and hearts made out of gold.

We are surrounded by dumb people, making dumb mistake. 

And there you were, staring back at me… 
I didn’t know what to say…
I didn’t know what to do…
It’s been so long since I last saw you. 
I’ve missed you, did you miss me too? 

I know…I’m sorry I never called,
I’m sorry I never texted, 
…but I’m here now…and I want you to know that after all those years
you were the only one I ever wanted, 
The only one I stayed up at night thinking about, 
I made the mistake of letting you go…and i’m not going to do that again. 

Please be with me, we can grow old, travel, have kids and live together forever like we said we would. 

Please…don’t leave. I’m sorry i left, I was young and too dumb to know what was standing right in front of me…

True love. 

I’m not letting you go, I know you feel the same way. I’m not letting you go…